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Sad Quotes: In the tapestry of human emotions, sadness weaves a poignant thread that resonates with universal experiences. Delving into the realm of melancholy, this article explores a collection of thought-provoking and evocative sad quotes. From renowned philosophers to contemporary voices, these words encapsulate the complexity of sorrow, offering solace, reflection, and a shared understanding of the profound beauty that often emerges from life’s darker moments. Join us on a journey through the eloquence of sadness encapsulated in these poignant quotes.

Best Sad Quotes in English

sad quotes in english hindi

“The world only cares about your
well being, only the parents
are worried..

‘Sir, even glances hurt when someone
looks at you and ignores you..

sad quotes in english

“””Who has been able to understand
us till date, we are the only
witnesses of our accidents

“Today I saw a crack in the mirror…
I don’t know whether the mirror
was broken or

sad quotes in english love

“Story of life…that’s all..sir,
That in the process of making life…
forgot to live..

“”It is better to hide your pain,
anger, love, relationship and emotions
than to show them..!!

sad quotes that make you cry

“”Which has no guarantee.. That’s life”
The one thing that is absolutely
guaranteed is death

“””When I was alone today,
I realized that there are many
hours in a day..

sad quotes about pain

A person’s behavior tells how
important you are in his life..

“”It was not in my nature to
create drama, I knew a lot but
remained silent..

sad quotes in english for girl

“”Life is going on but… what is
going on… only life knows…!!

“It was that the whole garden is
ours. After the storm, we came to know
that the friend also has rights…

sad quotes on life

“Anger is what makes us happy,
there are no third tantrums
of sorrow..!

“”Now I am trying so hard that
I don’t complain to anyone

sad quotes about love

“No matter how strong the definitions
are, one day they leave us.

“””It is true but bitter, no matter how well
you maintain relationships, you cannot
become close to everyone..

sad quotes short

The value of an earthen pot and a
family is known only to the one who
makes it No one to break..

“””You have to leave those who
do not know the value of your

sad quotes on life

“Even if you have to find peace,
there is no bigger pain than this..!!

“After a while there is no complaint
with anyone in life..

“””Sometimes due to internal suffocation,
the heart and mind get troubled to such
an extent that even crying does not
provide relief..

Sad quotes about life

The saddest thing in the world
is loving someone who used to
love you.

Image of Sad quotes in English for a girl

you enjoy the music.
But when you are sad you
understand the lyrics.

Lonely is not being alone;
it’s the feeling that no one cares.

Sad quotes in English for girl


Image of Sad quotes about pain

The worst feeling is when you
realize that the person you cared
for the most started ignoring you.

Sad quotes in English for girl

People cry not because they are weak,
It’s because they’ve been strong
for too long.

You can cry with your memories,
but you can’t live.

Sad quotes about pain

I wish you were here to tell me
that everything’s gonna be okay

Saying that you’re okay is much
easier than explaining all the reasons
why you’re sad.

Beauty makes idiots sad
and wise men merry.

Sad quotes about pain

One day you will miss me but i will not be there.

Image of Sad quotes in English short

I am the one that said “goodbye”,
it’s over” but I’m the one crying.

Sad quotes in English short

The Worst Kind Of Pain Is When
You’Re Smiling Just To Stop The
Tears From Falling.

Image of Sad quotes in English about love

It hurts to let go, but sometimes
it hurts more to hold on.

You can’t be strong all the time.
Sometimes you just
need to be alone and let your tear out.

Sad quotes in English short

Sad quotes in English about love

My silence is just
word for my pain.

When You are in sadness,
you are with your Past…

Sad quotes about life

Sad things happen. They do.
But we don’t need to
live sad forever.

When you sit alone.
you sit with your past.

You meet everyone twice in this life,
When they come and when they go.

Some people come into our lives and
quickly go. Some stay for a while
and leave footprints on our hearts,
and we are never, ever the same.

Love Shayari>>

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